2020 Press Release Archives

Refuge announces latest COVID adaptations 12/20

‘Ding’ 2021 artist-in-residence program kicks off in January 12/20

Feather Thief lecture wraps up ‘Ding’ series 12/20

Bald eagle topic of Pulitzer-winning historian’s ‘Ding’ lecture 12/20 

‘Ding’ to host ‘Ocean Doctor’ Guggenheim for opening of lecture series 12/20 

Awards, board officers announced at DDWS annual meeting 12/20

WoW is here, debuts Dec. 12 12/20

DDWS announces ‘Ding’ Day photo contest winners 12/20

Refuge celebrates 75th anniversary at ‘Ding’ Darling Day, Dec. 1 11/20

DDWS Nature Store2 grand opening scheduled 11/20

‘Ding’ welcomes visitor services intern 11/20

DDWS to launch Nature Store2 on Sanibel Island 10/20

‘Ding’ Darling hires Urban Education Leader 10/20

‘Ding’ ranger Jeff Combs announces retirement 10/20

‘Ding’ artist in residence program to feature Rachel Pierce for 2021 10/20

‘Ding’ Darling announces 2021 film series lineup 10/20

‘Ding’ Darling partners with Sanibel Public Library for 75th anniversary exhibits 10/20

‘Ding’ Darling hosts eighth annual photo contest for high schoolers 10/20

‘Ding’ Darling resident volunteers arrive from Broadway to assist WoW education team 10/20

Refuge welcomes 2021 Suzanne M. Dubuc Education Intern 10/20

‘Ding’ welcomes new intern 10/20

‘Ding’ welcomes new intern 10/20

DDWS celebrates refuge’s 75th with gala drive-in theater event 10/20

‘Ding’ Darling to debut virtual plant trail for National Wildlife Refuge Week 10/20

 Refuge welcomes bilingual education intern 9/20

‘Ding’ Day photo contest deadline extended 9/20

Monthly giving program latest in DDWS pandemic recovery measures 9/20

“Ding” Darling Day postponed to Dec. 1 8/20 

Refuge welcomes education intern 8/20

‘Ding’ Darling free lecture series to move to Community House for 2021 8/20

‘Ding’ Day photo contest opens 7/20

‘Ding’ welcomes visitor services intern 6/20

‘Ding’ STAR teacher helps with environmental education 6/20

‘Ding’ Darling Virtual Summer Camp starts June 10 6/20

Water-quality researchers install equipment donated by DDWS 5/20 

‘Ding’ Darling awards $20K for environmental studies scholarships 5/20

‘Ding’ Darling studying effect of Lake O nutrients on sea level rise 5/20

Refuge celebrates Endangered Species Day with weeklong virtual activities 5/20

Refuge celebrates Earth Day’s 50th with a virtual challenge 4/20 

‘Ding’ Darling hires deputy refuge manager 4/20 

DDWS board welcomes new members 3/20

Refuge debuts #DingAtHome digital engagement 3/20

Refuge, DDWS announce COVID-19 impacts 3/20

‘Ding’ Darling announces high school photo contest winners 3/20

Save the Date: Free Earth Day at the Refuge celebrates event’s 50th 3/20

 Refuge awards volunteers 3/20

‘Ding’ Darling receives national public lands award for restrooms 3/20 

Refuge celebrates Global Recycling Day March 18 3/20

‘Ding’ free summer programs begin June 8 3/20

J.N. “Ding” Darling NWR to change Wildlife Drive entrance fees Oct. 1, 2020 3/20

‘Ding’ lectures examine islands’ conservation ethic 3/20

 Brinkley to speak at ‘Ding’ lunch 2/20

 ‘Ding’ Darling welcomes short-term employee 2/20

Tickets for The Swamp author ‘Ding’ events near sellout 2/20

Refuge welcomes new biology intern 2/20

 75th anniversary artist ‘in residence’ exhibition opens Feb. 25 at ‘Ding’ 2/20

Donors fund truck purchase for ‘Ding’ Darling’s WoW mobile classroom 1/20

Refuge celebrates National Wildlife Day on Feb. 24 1/20

‘Ding’ welcomes two new interns 1/20

Deadly 1928 hurricane topic of ‘Ding’ Darling lecture 1/20

Iconic bird, environmentalist topics of Pulitzer-winning historian 1/20

‘Ding’ Darling announces emcee, judges for Project Refuge 1/20

‘Ding’ leads free Bailey Tract bike tour as part of its 75th anniversary celebration 1/20

Celebrity birding author tour goes on auction block for Go Wild for ‘Ding’ 1/20

March 31 DDWS scholarships application deadline 1/20

EVCO attendees, public invited to Clyde Butcher exhibition at ‘Ding’ 1/20

‘Ding’ Darling names tract at Wulfert Bayous in honor of donor 1/20

Remarkable Women wraps up ‘Ding’ Darling lecture series 1/20

‘Ding’ Darling lecturer turns trash into wearable sculptures 1/20 

‘Ding’ Darling lecture spotlights owls, woodpeckers 1/20