Endowed Funds

An endowment is an investment in the Refuge’s mission of conservation efforts to protect land and wildlife. Your gift of $10,000 or more can establish an endowment that will leave a legacy and make future sustainability possible. Investing in an endowment shows you are dedicated to long-term Refuge support. The following current endowed funds support conservation efforts at the Refuge:

The Betty Bishop Education Fund

John E. Carney Education Fund

Louise Crumpacker Conservation Fund

The Ann Darling & Lee Williams, Jr., Family Education Fund

Carolyn & Donald DeCoster Conservation Fund

Dr. H. Randall Deming Scholarship for Conservation & Environmental Studies Fund 

Dr. David A. Drachman Education Fund

Tom Edgar Volunteer Fund

Gardner Family Fund

Dr. Elizabeth “Betty” Gazda-Smith Fund 

Christine Glancy Education Fund

Margaret Godsea Conservation Fund

Harkey Development & Communication Intern Fund

Harkey Family Fund

Frank & Joanne Hicks Memorial Fund

Elaine Jacobson Education Fund

Win and Marilyn Kloosterman Scholarship Fund

Marilyn Kloosterman Education Fund

William & Helen Kronmueller Education Fund

Dr. Robert G. Meeker Conservation Fund

Stephen B. Oresman Intern Project Fund

Dr. Louise Merrimon Perry Conservation Fund for Girls (LMP Fund for Girls)

Harry and Betty Taif Conservation Fund

Polly & Doug Talbott Conservation Fund

Sue Tray Memorial Internship for Visitor Services

Jane Werner Environmental Scholarship Fund

Wild for “Ding” Conservation Fund