Legislative Concerns

Looking Forward to Florida’s Legislative Session
This article provides a preview of some of the key issues that will be discussed in the forthcoming Florida legislative session.
Date published 2/11/21

What’s Happening in Congress that Impacts our Water Resources?
This article discusses the status of WRDA 2020.
Date published 8/27/20 

How Coronavirus Threatens Everglades Restoration 
This article discusses how governments may respond to the impact of the coronavirus by cutting funding for critical Everglades restoration projects.
Date published 4/20/20

An Update on Climate Change 
This article describes some of the effects of climate change and suggests an approach to mitigate those effects.
Date published 2/20/20

The Alarming Condition of National Wildlife Refuges
The article discusses how the lack of Federal funding is impacting all of the National Wildlife Refuges.
Date published 12/12/19

Two VIPs Visit the Refuge
This article describes visits to the Refuge by Florida Representative Ray Rodriguez and Charlette Roman, Governing Board Member of the South Florida Water Management District.
Date published 11/14/19

A Blueprint for the Upcoming Advocacy Season
This article provides an overview of some of the key advocacy issues that will be the focus of much discussion, and hopefully action, in the forthcoming months.
Date published 10/17/19

SCCF 2019 Legislative Session Tracker 

This site provides insight into the 2019 Florida legislative session.

The History of Everglades Restoration

This article contains a timeline of significant legislation, litigation, projects, and other milestones in Everglades restoration throughout the years.  

Published:  2019