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‘Ding’ Darling branded beer to launch Dec. 4 9/21

‘Ding’ Darling Day @ Lakes Park postponed; photo contest extended 9/21

‘Ding’ welcomes visitor services intern 9/21

‘Ding’ welcomes new friends group intern 9/21

Refuge welcomes WoW education intern 8/21 

Refuge lead biologist promoted to regional USFWS position 8/21

Refuge welcomes WoW education intern 8/21

DDWS plans year of celebration for 40th anniversary 8/21

‘Ding’ Darling Day @ Lakes Park takes shape 8/21

‘Ding’ Darling first national wildlife refuge to unveil scope for colorblind viewers 7/21

‘Ding’ Day photo contest opens 7/21

Refuge takes ‘Ding’ Darling Day on the road 7/21

Save the Date: Great American Outdoors Day at the refuge 7/21

Refuge receives funding for invasive plant management 6/21

FWS Southeast Region names DDWS ‘Friends Group of The Year’ 6/21

Free guided refuge tours on tap for summer 6/21

‘Ding’ Darling awards $30K for environmental studies scholarships 5/21

Refuge welcomes photography, videography intern 5/21

Ding’ Darling grows by 36 acres 5/21

‘Ding’ tarpon tournament breaks records 5/21 

Endowed education fund honors John E. Carney at ‘Ding’ Darling 5/21

DDWS hires new office manager 5/21

 New refuge education fund honors Darling’s granddaughter, her husband 5/21

Refuge unveils Sprankle trail sign 3/21

Refuge appreciates volunteers with drive-through awards event 3/21

Save the Date: Refuge celebrates Earth Day with free events 3/21

‘Ding’ Darling film series wraps up with a food waste story 3/21

 Go Wild for Jeopar-Ding tickets selling quickly 3/21

 March 31 DDWS scholarships application deadline 3/21

‘Ding’ Darling announces high school photo contest winners 3/21

‘Ding’ receives second internship fund 3/21

‘Ding’ Darling to celebrate International Women’s Day March 8 2/21

‘Ding’ Darling film follows world’s rarest eagle 2/21 

Free refuge programs begin Jan. 6 2/21

‘Ding’ Darling hires two staffers 2/21

‘Ding’ visitor services intern promoted to ranger 1/21

Godsea appointed to lead Southwest Florida refuge complex 1/21

‘Ding’ Darling switches 2021 film series lineup to virtual format 1/21

‘Ding’ Darling celebrates refuge manager retirement 1/21

‘Ding’ welcomes new intern 1/21

‘Ding’ Darling film series kicks off with microplastics that ‘smog’ our seas 1/21

Noted ‘Ding’ Darling lecturer to spotlight the gray owl 1/21