‘Ding’ Darling partners with SanCap Chamber on Learning Lavatories for chamber visitor center

As one of the first stops visitors to Sanibel and Captiva islands often make, the SanCap Chamber restrooms will become something of a billboard for the islands' conservation ethic and "Ding" Darling, modeled after the Refuge’s popular and award-winning Learning Lavatories. The artistic redesign, funded by DDWS, with support from the Lee County Tourist Development Council, is expected to debut later this year.

“When ‘nature calls,’ visitors will find themselves surrounded by scenes from ‘Ding’ Darling in the restrooms at the back of the chamber visitor center,” said Manager of Events, Marketing, & Communication April Boehnen, who is working with chamber staff on the project. “In 2018, the Refuge won the America’s Best Restroom award for its nature-inspired, artistic restrooms, and we are using that as a springboard for introducing visitors to the islands and Refuge during their ‘pit stop’ at the chamber.”

The design will start with the door and wall just beyond the glass door to the restroom area, and continue into each restroom, running along the bank of floor-to-ceiling cupboards that are inside the entry and then inside and out of all the stalls and around the fixtures.  

“We have a captive audience for a few minutes to make use of,” said Ann-Marie Wildman, DDWS Executive Director, when she announced the new project at the chamber’s November business luncheon. “It’s a good way to give visitors an introduction to Sanibel’s nature ethic while giving the chamber a conversation-piece facility.”

“We are so excited about this fun and informative upgrade to the visitor center restrooms,” said John Lai, SanCap Chamber President and CEO. “We applaud ‘Ding’ Darling for its always innovative and creative ways to turn visitors on to all the Refuge has to offer. It really is a gem when it comes to island attractions, and visitors are always interested in learning more. This is a win-win.”